Brussels, BE

Panthers & Stripes

04-05-2018, by Mieke

On my latest shopping spree I scored this lovely striped blouse with panthers on it.

If you’ve been following me around, you probably know I love anything striped and I have a hard time rejecting on panther prints.. This blouse is a match made in heaven 😇

The fit of the blouse is loose and comfortable, the red and white stripes go with any jeans, from white to dark black, and the panthers give that extra, original edge!

I wore this outfit on one of those Brussels in-between-winter-and-spring days, I paired it with my straight Hope jeans, some white sneakers and of course: my amazing Michael Kors bag.

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments 😃

Sending you lots of love!

😘 Mieke

PS: check out the shop to find that cute blouse ♥️

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