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Black for Spring?

13-04-2016, by Mieke

Should you dismiss your dark colors to the attic as soon as Spring starts? In my opinion you don't have to...

Yes! Springtime has finally arrived in the nordic part of Europe, which means people are putting on their shades from now on. On cloudy days you will see people standing still and turning their heads to the sky, when the sun suddenly decides to show up for a few minutes. At first I thought these Swedes must be crazy, but after a long winter over here, I find myself doing exactly the same thing :)


This is a literally translated Dutch saying, but it's very true though: weather-wise April is a very unpredictable month. Sunny days can easily turn into a disaster when it starts to rain. Moreover, mornings can feel chilly, whereas your winter outfit sweats from your body in the afternoon. 

This makes it hard to get dressed during Spring time, besides the usual issues like:

'I have all this stuff, but nothing to wear!'

The best thing to do in the Spring, is to layer up. Wear a t-shirt and a vest, so you'll never get cold in the morning or overheated in the afternoon. This outfit contains a lot of black and dark grey. However, combined with light jeans and sneakers it makes for a great outfit to encounter those first sunbeams, don't you think?

As you can see, the black t-shirt is very basic, but has a little twist to it in the form of a cute panda face on the chest. The shoes are old-time Adidas LA trainers, but the colors make them original! The jeans are super super old, but I've revived them by cutting the legs at the ankles: very much on trend without spending a dime! The long vest keeps me from getting cold and is nicely fitted, hence feminine.

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So how are you handling the first signs of Spring? Layering-up as well? Leave me a comment and let me know :)

Love, Mieke

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