Stockholm, SE

Spring favorites

25-04-2016, by Mieke

The blossoming of these cherry trees on Kungsträdgården only lasts for a few weeks, which makes it one of the most visited sight seeings in Stockholm during Spring. What better location to show you two of my Spring favorites, right? 

On the top of my list for this season were these items:

  1. A white cropped jeans
    I think white jeans are even harder to find than regular ones. Some of them reveal more than you want them to and when you buy them to tight, this effect may even increase. I was therefor looking for a pair made of a slightly thicker fabric and I found my match at Filippa K :)
  2. A long blazer
    I'm always drawn to this minty green color, so it was love at first sight when I found this item. It's a linen vest, witch makes it perfect for both business looks and casual days. I can't wait to boost my outfits with this long blazer this season.

Photos: Anouk Yve 


I hope you liked this look! Do you have a Spring-wish-list al well? And what's on it?

You can find all these - and comparable - items in the shop!

Have a lovely colorful week!

X Mieke

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