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Black Label Amsterdam

17-08-2016, by Mieke

Did you hear about Black Label Amsterdam yet? It's a super hip fashion brand, created by two inspiring ladies. I had a talk with Alexe, one of the founders of this interesting label. She taught me the ropes when it comes to vintage and customized clothing. 

Do you want to know how to add some vintage to your wardrobe, without losing your own style? Then keep reading!

Black Label Amsterdam was born when the two creative and free spirited friends Donna and Alexe bundled their powers. They decided to take their passion for unique fashion to the next level, by creating B.L.A.

‘Be Bold, live Life and stay Adventurous’

I had a talk with Alexe, a lady that blows you away with her inviting smile and outspoken clothing style. When she lived in New York as a 20 year old, she learned that it’s ok to stand out and dream big. This experience inspired her to pursue her dream to become a successful dancer. After dancing in the Armin van Buren world tour and having traveled allover the world for her dancing career, she decided to focus on her other passion: fashion.

She gained a lot of experience by styling performers and artists with bold, glittery, over-the-top customized clothing, before starting B.L.A. together with her friend Donna. According to Alexe, statement clothing shouldn’t be limited to the stage. By adding some originality, you can transform your look completely, without having that feeling of losing yourself.

“You can be whoever you want to be and wear whatever you want. Pick the clothes that represent your persona and spirit best, and your outfit will do the talking for you.”


So, there I was. Wearing a cute striped COS T-shirt and red ZARA biker pants. My self proclaimed easy-going style is not vintage at all! So, even though I really like the originality Alexe sends out with her fashion, I told her I did want to stay true to myself when wearing vintage..

Alexe started adding some customized B.L.A. elements to my own pieces and totally transformed the look, without me losing my own style.

Check out the two looks Alexe created for me. Isn’t it cool?!

I adore this navy look she created! The T-shirt, pants and shoes are my own. A normal denim jacket would have completed the normal look, but by adding the customized elements, it makes it so much more fun and sassy! The sailor hat completes it and makes this look stand out!

Psssst.. Did you see the needles in the denim jacket? This piece was still in the making when I was wearing it :)

This jacket is an absolute eye-catcher! It’s bold & big and the glittery old pink flowers make it unique. This statement piece is the centre of the look, so Alexe kept the rest subtle. The shoes are my own and the color of my ZARA biker pants goes perfectly together with the color of the flowers. The white top can be found in any wardrobe, I guess, and the look was completed with a choker rope necklace and a super (!!!) cool hat!


Yep, Alexe proved me that vintage can be my thing! I was completely comfortable in these looks and felt super original! Here are some of Alexe’s tips to add some spunk and originality to your look!

  • Eye-catchers
    You don’t have to wear print-on-print-on-print. By investing in eye-catching pieces you can create an original wardrobe without looking like a carnaval.
  • Basic collection
    Combine statement pieces with simple and clean basics to balance out the look.
  • Jackets
    Invest in a nice statement jacket. Especially in countries where the weather often requires a jacket, you will be wearing yours quite often. If it’s a jacket that stands out, you’ll feel special every time you’re wearing it!
  • Accessorize with accessoires
    A plain style turns into a hipster look with a hat or a bold accessory. Don’t be afraid to accessorize!
  • Have fun!
    The best advice from this fashionista. Don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun finding your own style and don’t overthink. Fashion is fun!

So there you have it! You don’t have to change yourself entirely to pump up your look and make it your own. This experience was so inspiring and I hope I inspired you girls as well to explore your style outside of your comfort zone. Let me know what you thought of these looks! 

Do you want to shop a one-of-a-kind B.L.A. piece? Then head over to the shop!

XX Mieke

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