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Bring out your wild side

30-09-2016, by Mieke

Another day, another outfit!

I've been looking for a flared jeans for a very long time and I finally found one. In a flared jeans, the emphasis is on your upper legs and since I’ve got a pair of bulky ones, this look never seemed to flatter me. However, this pair from J.Lindeberg does the trick! The waist is high, which elongates the legs, at the but it’s nice and tight (no saggy ass in this pair) and it comes in black: right on trend, feminine and flattering! I couldn’t be more happy!


To find the perfect leather jacket can be a long, expensive, yet rewarding journey. Like with love, once you find the right one, hold on to it ;-) The leather jacket I'm wearing has a great story to it. It was custom made in China, when we were spending an amazing vacation in Shanghai. Together with Mark’s mom and my sister in law, we exactly told what the jacket should look like, which leather we wanted, which buttons and buckles, etcetera. They completely measured me and after only 6 days I was able to pick up my leather jacket. There’s only one jacket in the world like this and it exactly fits me! So, if you’re planning a trip to a country famous for great tailors, try to fit in a trip to one of them :-)


Then came back the choker trend. In the nineties I was a fan of this trend. I wore my ‘tattoo’ elastic-choker for an entire year when I was 11 years old. Now, years later, it’s back and better than ever. There’s something bad-ass to a cool choker and I think this choker from Wild Things is a great pick. It’s black and it’s fierce, but the cactus gives it a cute wink and shows that fashion should always be fun ;-) 

Of course you can go all-the-way rocker chick when it comes to chokers and black leather, but that’s not really my look. I chose my black flared jeans and black leather jacket, but combined it with a flowing white blouse and some pointy high heels. This makes me feel on trend, but still myself.

What do you think ladies? Also into the choker trend? If so, than make sure to stay tuned, because next week I’ll be giving away a cute cactus choker like this one!

Of course you can head over to the shop for these and comparable items.

Have a great weekend and if you’re up for it: bring out your wild side!

XX Mieke

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