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My new Saucony's

04-07-2017, by Mieke

Saucony used to be purely a running shoe brand from Pennsylvania, but nowadays it's an absolute fashion statement too.

The model I'm wearing is called 'Jazz O Vintage', referring to 1981, when the first Saucony jazz model was launched. The shape of the shoe is the same as years back and the colors still give that vintage feel. However, the suede and nylon that are used definitely modernize the look. Since Saucony is originally made to be a running shoe, the sneakers are super comfortable, lightweight and made to walk long distances. If needed, it's no problem to take a fashionable sprint to the bus when wearing these sweethearts β˜ΊοΈ

I think these sneakers go with many outfits; a sneaker, a dress or skirt, some pull-ons.. Nevertheless, since they're bright-colored, I prefer to keep the rest of the outfit toned-down. That's why I chose these light grey pull-on pants and a baby pink large sweater.

What do you think about the rainbow pin? I love the pin-trend and I find it a great way to personalize an outfit. I wanted to keep the outfit plain, which is why I chose for one pin, instead of filling my entire outfit with all kinds of statements πŸ˜‰


I love to hear what you think about my sneakers and I hope to see you in my next blogpost.

X Mieke

P.S. Unfortunately these exact sneakers are completely sold out online, but of course you can check out the shop to find another Saucony pair; a lovely pink pair πŸ’•

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