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The best basic T-shirt

12-05-2016, by Mieke

OK, let's be honest! To find the perfect basic t-shirt doesn't sound so hard. In any random shop you'll find them: straight-forward, basic t-shirts in many colors and sizes.. And even though it's just a basic t-shirt, I think it's the handiest piece of clothing in your closet. It makes my day-to-day mornings a little less stressful!

Jeans & sneakers, a nice basic t-shirt, some cute accessoires and any veste, blazer or jacket you can find laying around.

Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

But here's the thing: not every basic shirt is the same and the way it fits definitely isn't. 


I want the look to be casual and collected, so I think it should not be too tight. At the same time, some girls can pull it off to wear those really large 'I'm wearing my boyfriend's' T-shirt. Whenever I try this look, it makes me look huge and bulky, so not the way to go for me.


My motto is 'easy to feel good', so if it takes me half an hour to iron my basic t-shirt, it's not a good match. Also, I want my t-shirts to be basic, not plain. I'm therefore mixing the fabrics, the necklines, the colors (although always basic) and the fit of my shirts, so these basics won't turn into a routine :)


When a piece of clothing has something special or exclusive, I'm all for spending a little extra. But since a basic t-shirt doesn't fall in this categorie, I refuse to spend too much on it. I just want my basic t-shirts to be of great quality and for a price to match!


So now over to the reason you probably opened this little piece of writing: what's the best place to buy these basic shirts!

I have one absolute winner and a good runner up in this Givers-contest ;-)


Go to COS to find the best cotton basics, if you're into a straight and somewhat wider fit. Even though the t-shirts are very basic, they're still feminine, because they fit nicely around the shoulders and they're not too short. At COS you can also find many basics that have a little more to them, like a special neckline or an exclusive fabric, but you'll have to be willing to pay a little extra for those.

Check out the shop to find my favorite basics at COS 


The winner in this contest is & other Stories. This store is literally a basic-Walhalla. You can find t-shirts in all the basic colors, in any fabric you can imagine and in many fits & styles. It's the perfect shop for those who love their basics, but like to switch them up constantly ;-)

The question at & other Stories is not: 'Can you find your shirt?', but: 'Can you make a choice'. 

Check out the shop to find my favorite basics at & other Stories

OK girls, I hope these tips were helpful. The last, and perhaps most important, piece of advise: try many of these basics on, try different sizes and, even though it's just a basic t-shirt, only commit to it when it makes you feel good :)

Lots of love, Mieke

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