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Birthday outfit

18-05-2017, by Mieke

Last Tuesday was my 30th birthday, so I'm officially out of my twenties 😭😉 When I was a teenager, I thought 30-year old people were super old, boring and very wise...

As a child I looked forward to my birthday for months and I still love, love, love celebrating my birthday. Getting sweet messages from friends and family, eating cake, getting spoiled with presents, celebrating life; what's not to love? This Tuesday I reached the milestone of 30 years of age, so it felt like an even more special day. My husband took a day off, decorated the house, made breakfast and treated me with the best lemon cake! In the afternoon my parents and younger brother came to Brussels to celebrate and have dinner. 


So, do I feel like the 30-year old woman I expected to be when I was younger? Not. At. All. 

I still like to party with friends, so not much has changed there. However, when I was a student, I could easily go out partying 3 times a week and now I prefer to go for quality over quantity. I don't see my friends every day, so when getting together it's more important to catch up and know how they're doing, instead of heading straight to the bar. Going for dinner and having drinks.. I must confess: it does sound very much like I'm a 30-year old 😁 But hey, I'm not boring!☝🏻

And about the wisdom I thought I'd possess? Hmmm... 

I thought by now I'd have the answers to all topics important in life, but I'm not even close. I feel like the older I get, the more complicated life gets. Of course, you grow as a person, but I guess wisdom comes with age and I still have so much wisdom to go!

So that's me, a 30-year old, who doesn't have all the answers 😉

I don't have all the answers, but I do have the perfect bag

According to my husband, you only turn 30 once, so that's reason for a special gift. You only turn 29, 28 or 27 once too, but I'm the last person to remind him of that 😏. For my 30th birthday he gave me this amazing Mulberry bag. It has always been a dream to own a true Mulberry bag, so I feel super super spoiled. This bag is timeless and goes with any outfit, from business to casual, so it'll be my compagnon for many years to come!

Turning 30 must look like fireworks, right?💥

Last Tuesday was a summery hot day, the perfect birthday weather! On a day like this, you want to feel festive, so I wore this short black dress from Andotherstories, with many bright colored petals. I wore the dress with these cute golden platform espadrille sandals (sounds like a mouthful 😂) from Zara. The platform gives an original twist, but because they're actually flat, they're super comfortable. These kind of platforms sometimes look a bit bulky in my opinion, but I feel the golden color (instead of black for example) eliminates that effect and makes them summery and elegant. The watch I’m wearing was my parents' birthday gift and it really completes this outfit. I will get back with a blog about it soon, so stay tuned 😃 

Coming Saturday I'm throwing a birthday party for my friends, so I get to be the birthday girl allover again, lucky me! The only question remains: What to wear???😬 I will show you next week.

Kisses, Mieke

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