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30 years old and still so green!

24-05-2017, by Mieke

So, last Saturday arrived and I got to celebrate my 30th birthday with my close friends and family! Yay! 🎉

I decided to throw the party in a cute little bar in Eindhoven, that's already cosy to begin with. As soon as it was filled with guests, there was a great atmosphere! Last week I wrote about being thirty and how I discovered, through writing that blogpost, that partying to me has become more about seeing friends and catching up. My birthday party was just that! Everybody was chatting, having a laugh and I really enjoyed to see all these lovely people together. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such warm friends!

OK, enough of this sentimental talk already! The question is:


For my birthday party I really wanted something festive, but still easy-going and definitely.. Something YOUNG!

So I wore this green Scotch & Soda dress 💚 The color, together with the suble add of sparkles on the hems, make it party-approved and the straight cut makes this dress flowing and easy-going. It's a short dress, but hey: I'm not old yet! Apart from that, I think when the boobies are so nicely covered, one can show a bit more leg 😏

During the first hours of my party, I paired this dress with some heels I usually only wear during dinner parties (Get in, sit down and kick off those shoes under the table 😁). However, this dress is also very suited to wear with some sneakers, so it didn't take me long to make that switch.

How about accessorizing?

My mum and dad gave me a very pretty watch, which will be the subject of one of my next blogposts (teaser alert 😉). The earrings and bracelet I'm wearing, were the present of Mark's parents. I'm obsessed with the Anna+Nina earrings; the length and color suggest them to be classical earrings, but because of the palm leaf shape, they have a festival-edge to them. Can't wait to wear them this summer! The bracelet is very subtle and sweet and comes from a jewelry designer whose pieces I've been drooling over the past monts: Shlomit Ofir. It's a brand from Israel with a lot of creative, original and girly pieces! Do yourself a favor and have a look at her collection!

I think, both from an outfit- and a party perspective, Saturday was a great start of my Thirties! I'm curious to hear what you think of this outfit, so let me know on Instagram, Facebook or underneath this post. If you want to shop any of these items, then make sure to head over to the shop 🙌🏻 

Luckily I asked my younger brother to take at least a few pictures, so I'm happy to give you a tiny glimpse of the evening!

See you in my next blogpost!

Love Mieke

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