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Mr. Brown specs and beans

11-02-2016, by Mieke

Last week I paid a visit to Mr. Brown specs and beans, a unique optician concept you do not want to miss out on. Perfect service, unique glasses and delicious coffee, served to you by a true barista. What place could I better go to for my update on the latest trends?

Looking for something special?

Located in the former head office of Philips, Mr. Brown has that trendy and industrial character Eindhoven is known for. When talking to one of the owners Gertjan de Bruijn, it's almost as if Mr. Brown was supposed to be where it is today. The building carries the name De Bruine Heer, which can be freely translated into Mr. Brown and back in the days, the stained glass in this characteristic building was delivered by his granddad. All the elements came together, when the two brothers 'De Bruijn' started Mr. Brown specs and beans.

Specs and beans is a completely new concept and wants to be different. No standard set-ups for the glasses, no one-size-fits-all bargains on the walls, but great design, trendy frames and a highly educated staff. When looking at the original and unique glasses sold at Mr. Brown, you just feel the passion these brothers have for specs. When you want your glasses to be unique, like yourself, Mr. Brown is the place to be. And are you done shopping or just into a great cup of coffee? Then head over to the beans, where a true barista fills you up with numerous coffee variations!

Do you want to get a feeling of the Mr. Brown vibe? Then watch this short video.

What to look for when shopping specs?

Great glasses are an extension to ones appearance and, when picked right, can really bring balance to a face. When you have a long face, for instance, it can be a good idea to wear a wide or a round frame. Try to look for frame-shapes opposite to your own features and make sure the color of the frame is in harmony with the rest of your face. Keep in mind that some frames and colors can come across a certain way. Do you have dark eyebrows? Than a black frame can emphasize this and make you look too strict. A round shaped frame has a funny character to it, so it could really boost your stand-up comedian performance next month ;-)

Next to this, Mr. Brown shared these essential tips, so take note:

  • You're eyebrows are supposed to be slightly above or on the same hight as the frame. They should not be inside of the glass.
  • Make sure the glasses are not touching your cheeks. Whenever you'll laugh, the glasses will move along and you do not want that, do ya?
  • Do you have a wider nose? For a better fit it's best to pick a frame that's adjustable around the nose. 
  • When looking straight trough the glasses, your eyes should be slightly above the centre of the glass.
  • The glasses shouldn't be pressing your temples.

And.. Aside from all this advise.. Keep trying those glasses on until you find your perfect match.

Trends to watch

At this moment there is not ONE trend when it comes to glasses. Just like in clothing, it's important that what you wear, reflects your personality. This means there are many trends going on, you just have to pick which one suits you best :) Here are the trends that stood out for me!

Round shaped glasses and metal frames with a thin windsor shell (thin plastic band around the glasses)

Havana panto frames (oval shaped glasses) in marble brown

Frames with a metal bridge on top

Pastel colored frames

Dark glasses with subtle reflection or glasses with only reflection at the upper side of the glasses

Fun and playful

And last, but not least: Vintage! Or should this be called fun and playful too? ;-)

Needless to say there are many super original glasses to match your personality. When I asked Mr. Brown for the brands to watch, the most important ones were Dita and Andy Wolf: highly qualitative and famous among real glasses-junkies. Have a look for yourself and let me know which trend appeals to you most. You can leave a message on Facebook, Instagram and beneath, I love to read and respond to them :)

XX Mieke

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