New York City, USA

Shopping Guide NYC

06-06-2016, by Mieke

These are the all-American items I shopped when visiting the US of A

1. Levi's super skinny Jeans 

My close friend Sophie once told me every butt looks good in a Levi's jeans and boy is she right! The pockets on Levi's jeans are slightly smaller and are placed a little higher than usual. Together with the great stretch in their fabrics, this results in a high and round derriere. You can buy Levi's everywhere in the world, but in The States the price is right! Especially when you get a 50% discount :)

Check out the shop to find these jeans online :)

2. Victoria's secret bikini

There are some Victoria's Secret stores throughout Europe, but you can only buy your bikini in Canada and the USA. So I simply HAD TO buy one when I was there ;-)

Shopping at this store is an experience, because of the great service and sexy pieces of clothing thrown at you. I ended up with a bandeau bikini with attachable straps and some super duper sexy bikini bottoms.

It has just as much fabric as any other bikini bottom. However, the seam right in the middle exactly follows the shape of your bum, creating instant sexiness!

Check out the store for some other Victoria's Secret bikini's. Luckily, you can order them online from anywhere :)

3. Converse sneakers

Ultimate classics, available everywhere, but again:

From America, so the price was right!

Check them out in the shop

What's on your shopping list when you go the States? Let me know by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or on Instagram :)

Have a lovely day ladies!


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