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Copenhagen Shopping Guide

21-09-2016, by Mieke

Yay, last weekend we went city tripping to Copenhagen and boy, this city is amazing! Right in between Amsterdam and Stockholm, both literally and metaphorically speaking. The chaos, cyclists and the sociable people brought me right back to Amsterdam, whereas the beautiful architecture and design make you realize you’re still in Scandinavia.

And when you’re visiting a new city, you simply have to fit some cardio into the schedule, right? So shopping it is! I always skip the shops I can find at home and go for the cute boutiques and national designers. Luckily, Copenhagen has a lot to offer in that sense. 

Check out the shopping gems of Copenhagen, including the outlet and sample sale addresses!


Vesterbro was the area where we had our Airbnb, which we didn’t regret. This neighborhood is packed with nice cafes, bars, restaurants and.. Shops! Definitely visit Vesterbrogade, Værnedamsvej and the streets surrounding it. It’s a lovely area to stroll around, have a coffee and get some boutiques off of your list.

Designer Zoo (Vesterbro)
Copenhagen is the home of interior design, so get inspired at this place. Hanging cactuses, precious porcelain and minimalistic jewelry; you’ll definitely find something typically Scandic overhere.
Vesterbrogade 137 Copenhagen

Ganni (Vesterbro)
This Danish brand is taking over fashion world rather quickly, with their feminine designs and great knits. There are many Ganni stores throughout the city, but this cute one was my favorite! However, it might be a good idea to visit Ganni Postmodern as well, where they sell samples and items from previous collections. Scroll down for Ganni Postmodern.
Gammel Kongevej 82 Copenhagen


This area used to be a shady neighborhood in Copenhagen, but has totally turned around. Nowadays you won’t go to Jægersborggade to buy weed, but to indulge yourself with the best coffee places and boutiques. Visit this street for Scandinavian interior, jewelry and clothes.

My favorite things (Nørrebro)
In this store you’ll find a great selection of the owner’s favorite things. This results in clothing brands and beauty products from allover Europe. This lady’s got taste, so this shop is packed with wanna haves. I bought myself a mango flavored lip balm from Korres, a brand that’s definitely on my radar from now on!
Jægersborggade 44 Copenhagen

Malene Glintborg ​(Nørrebro)
A-work-shed-and-boutique-in-one. All the Scandinavian inspired jewels are designed and hand-made in this place. While you’re shopping, you can watch the jewelers work their magic.
Jægersborggade 22, Copenhagen

Tricotage ​(Nørrebro)
The place to find the softest fabrics and the rosiest knits. Tricotage is your go-to-place if you’re looking for a high quality all-timer. 
Jægersborggade 15 Copenhagen

Acne Archive ​(Nørrebro)
In Elmegade you’ll find some cute second hand stores and authentic jewel-shops. This is also the street where Acne Archive is located. Acne is one of Swedish famous fashion brands. Straight cuts, gorgeous fabrics and originality; this brand rocks. However, so do their prices, so it’s nice to see that Copenhagen also has an Acne Archive store, where your can buy their perfect denim and get a taste of their designs. I must say, some of the Acne Archive pieces are a bit too crazy for me, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find those perfect boots or a winter jacket for half of the original price! Go get’m!
Elmegade 21 Copenhagen

Won Hundred Container 01 ​(Nørrebro)
A five minute walk from Acne Archives, you’ll find Won Hundred Container 01. The Danish brand Won Hundred is stunningly beautiful, because of their rich fabrics, clean patterns and perfect leather boots and sneakers. At Container 01 they’re selling items from past collections, so you can buy your favorite piece for a good price. These sneakers where on my wish-list for quite a while, so I had to bring them home with me ;-) 
Guldbergsgade 29 Copenhagen

Wood Wood Museum (Nørrebro)
Wood Wood is Danish lifestyle brand, creating a Scandinavian, casual and high quality look. Wood Wood is definitely worth paying a visit, but also include this Wood Wood Museum, the brand's outlet store, to your sight-seeing list!
Frederiksborggade 54 Copenhagen 


Ganni Postmodern
A few blocks away from Tivoli in the city centre and really close to free town Christiania, you’ll find Ganni Postmodern. Overhere, they’re selling a big collection of samples and items from previous collections. Don’t be afraid that the choices are limited, because from the shoes, to the dresses and the jackets: you’ll have a hard time choosing :-)
Overgaden Oven Vandet 40, Copenhagen

Needless to say: shopping in Copenhagen is a blast! I can’t wait to return to this lovely city and explore even more! I hope you find this shopping guide helpful and if you have some more shopping tips for my next visit: let me know!

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Lots of love, Mieke

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