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This summer's hottest beachwear trends

04-04-2019, by Mieke

Hurray! Spring is here and days are definitely getting longer AND warmer. Just like the beginning of every season, I find myself surfing the internet, shopping for inspiration (only for inspiration, I swear πŸ˜‡).

For this blog post and in collaboration with Hunkemöller, I did some fashion research to find out about the beach trends this summer and guess what?!…


As the world gets more and more inclusive, so does fashion! Nowadays, beach fashion celebrates women in all shapes and sizes and with any lifestyle. You don’t have to compromise comfort for style nor femininity. A sporty one piece can keep everything in its place and be sexy at the same time and a bikini that gives you that extra support most definitely doesn’t turn you into a granny. 

With so many fierce beach options to go for, it’s going to be a hot and stylish summer! β˜€οΈ



Calling one pieces a trend is not really fair, since this classic beach wear has been fighting its way back into beach resorts for some years now. The days that one-piece swimsuits were intended for goody-goody schoolgirls and hibernating seniors is long gone and we can say with certainty that one pieces are here to stay. With this trend becoming a settled ‘summer thing’, the variety of styles get wider and wider and I definitely applaud that! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰

Classic one pieces
Most of the time during our travels through the Philippines in January, I wore one pieces and I really liked it. Since it was a summer vacation during wintertime and right after the holidays, I didn’t feel that summer-proof just yet. My bathing suits covered exactly the belly area where my insecurities lie, so I could spend my time enjoying our beautiful adventure, instead of obsessing over my body.

The classic bathing suit is super comfortable for busty women, since they often come with built-in breast support that gives lift and a beautiful, yet subtle, cleavage. This season, you’ll find vintage inspired swimsuits, with wide shoulder straps and flattering rushing fabrics. It’s the pin-up style  from the olden days with a modern twist.

Revealing bathing suits
Even though one pieces give you the feeling of being covered-up around your mid section, they can still be very revealing and therefore super sexy! This summer you’ll see swimsuits with high-cuts, deep V-necks, low backs and thin straps, making them the ultimate go-to outfit for women who want to celebrate their femininity.

Hunkemöller gifted me this super hot one piece. Even though it’s quite daring, it does give the right amount of support around the boob-area to feel confident. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to lace up the front completely or show more cleavage AND it has removable padding. This way, you can create exactly the look that suits you and your unique style. I love that! ✨



For some years now, the booty has become more and more in focus as the ultimate female accessory. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this season’s beachwear places our bums in the spotlights, by offering a wide variation of shapes, cuts, styles and ways to wear those bottoms.

Cheeky Brazilian
One thing is certain: not a lot of fabric goes into Brazilian bikini bottoms πŸ˜‰ Low in the front and very narrow at the back, these bottoms reveal quite a lot of skin. If you want to emphasize your booty, look out for bottoms that have a seam right through the middle of the back. This will make the fabric slide in a little bit, dividing those two buttcheeks and creating that perfect, round, peachy bum πŸ‘

This season’s high waisted bottoms are best described as ‘Marilyn-Monroe-flair in the Kardashian-era’. High waisted bottoms are perfect to create curves or accentuate an hourglass figure. When you like to feel a bit more covered up around your waist, these bottoms are a great option. However, the fabric that’s added to create that high waist has been taken away from the derrière-area, so it seems. This definitely gives room for that daring, bootylicious look.

80’s and 90’s revive
Slowly but surely, our bikini bottoms will be worn higher and higher, to the point that they’re worn far above the hip-bone. Take whichever bottoms you have lying around and pull them up as high as you can. We’re going back in time, when Pamela Anderson was the Baywatch it-girl, but these days the focus lies mainly on.. the bum πŸ”₯



Comfort and style go hand in hand in this trend. From a crop top with see-through fabric to high-neck tops that close with a sexy zipper, this trend will make you feel super relaxed. Play that volleybal match on the beach, look super hot and don’t worry about a potential nipple-gate; this top has got you covered! When the game is over, just slip into your high waisted shorts and your outfit for sunset-and-drinks is complete 🍸



Lace is one of those things that will never be out of beach fashion and that’s with reason. It adds femininity, youth and playfulness to any sunny beach day or lazy afternoon by the pool. Like last season, there’s also lots of crochet this summer. Go crazy and wear crochet from top-to-toe, or elevate your look by opting for some subtle crochet details in your bathing suit or beach dress πŸ’•



Bright monochrome
It’s going to be a super colorful summer, with many bright colors to choose from. Pick a bright color like cobalt blue, fiery red or neon pink and be sure to shine on your beach day!

Army green
When you like single colored beachwear, but you’re not into the color party that I just described, you could definitely consider army green. It’s a color that flatters all skin tones and hair colors, it’s a serene color and it’s super trendy this summer 🌿

Apart from monochrome beach attire, you can’t go wrong with prints. Animal prints are still very much a thing, preferably in ‘unnatural colors’, like this pink bathing suit. Furthermore, you’ll see lots of ensembles with bright colored stripes.

The zebra print is going to be a frontrunner this season, as is matching prints that don’t necessarily (read: not at all) match. I haven’t seen these fashion trends translate into beachwear yet, but let’s hope this black-and-white bikini is the first step to zebra printed bikini galore πŸ˜‡



Like in every outfit, the magic can be found in the finishing touches. Lucky for us, this summer is all about adding lots of spunk with sexy details. You’ll see cut-outs, little belts and cute ruffles, but the detail trend that mainly caught my eye is the addition of extra straps to bathing suits, in all kinds of forms. 

There might be people who’d ask “Why would you need extra straps that don’t serve any practical purpose?”. Well, nobody really NEEDS them, but they add loads of sex appeal whenever they’re there, so I’d say “Go for it!” πŸ˜‰ In the front or the back of your bikini or one piece, on top of fabric, or to create a see-through effect… 

Mark my words: this summer you’ll see straps everywhere, adding a hint of naughtiness to all beach resorts!


As you can see, there’s a great variety in this season’s beach wear, so there’s lots to choose from. However, picking a beach outfit that makes you feel confident can still be challenging. Use trends as a guideline, but stay true to yourself and to what makes you feel good. If wearing an animal printed one piece or a Brazilian bikini bottom makes you feel self conscious, then don’t wear it. If that bikini from 3 seasons ago makes you feel like you can concur the world, I’d say “rock that bikini and give these trends a run for their money”😎

Confidence is not a trend. It’s a mindset that’s stronger and more beautiful than any piece of ‘latest fashion’ is ever going to be.

Have fun at the beach this year lovely ladies! β˜€οΈ

Bisous ❀️


This blog post is written in collaboration with Hunkemöller International B.V. 

Nevertheless, the views and opinions shared in this article are entirely mine, as is the enthusiasm expressed about this season’s beach trends! πŸ˜ƒ

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