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Stripy stripes

18-02-2016, by Mieke

Next to long vests and many black trousers, horizontal striped shirts are starting to dominate my wardrobe. Stripes are just sooo nice! They are fun, young, playful and so much more original than a plain white shirt.. 



Horizontal stripes make you look wide

Horizontal stripes make you appear bigger than you actually are. Vertical lines fool the mind and make you appear longer and thinner, but horizontal stripes do exactly the opposite and can make you look wider and smaller. Nevertheless, there are many ways to wear this trend and avoid a blown-up effect:

  • Wear it fitted
    Sometimes an oversized shirt can give a trendy and easy going look. However, in the case of a horizontal stripe, try not to get overboard with oversizing, as the widening effect can go overboard as well. I wear the horizontal stripe fitted... Or flowing, tucked into my pants.
  • Break the pattern
    Wearing only a horizontal stripe can be a bit too much and make you appear wider. However, when you break the pattern by adding a jacket, vest or blazer, you still have the fun stripes to your outfit, but will keep your own shape.
  • Wear it short
    Wether the shirt ends where the pants starts, or the shirt is tucked into my trousers, I always try to keep the striped part of my outfit short. This way the stripes don't cover and widen the upper part of your legs too. â€‹High waisted trousers and a tucked-in striped shirt are a great idea, because the high waist will elongate your legs!
  • Wear and don't care!
    Horizontal stripes are fun and careless, that's what it is. So what if it makes you gain a few pounds, chocolate does too! And do I stop eating that? Hell no! ;-)
    Easy to feel good!

I wore this outfit to my Marie-Stella-Maris visit and I felt totally comfortable between the other striped-shirted girls and the trendy french vibe in the store.

Jumper: American Vintage
Jeans: Twist & Tango

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What do you think of the horizontal stripe? And how do you wear it? Let me know beneath, on Facebook or via Instagram.

Love, Mieke

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