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Birthday attire: ruffles and polka dots

25-05-2018, by Mieke

Last week I turned 31. I planned absolutely nothing and ended up celebrating my birthday 3 days in a row. My husband took a day off from work, we slept in, had a lovely lunch in the sun, did some birthday shopping and went for an amazing Italian dinner at La Cantinetta. The next day, when I went to visit my parents, my parents had decorated the house and bought my favorite strawberry cake. My brother treated me on a lunch and I went birthday shopping again, this time with my mum. The next day, a dear friend in Brussels decided to take me out for an amazing lunch at Tero, where we sat for hours enjoying the wine, the amazing food and the great atmosphere!

Was I spoiled for my birthday? The answer is doubtlessly ‘Yes’ ! Did I eat a WHOLE lot of food? Definitely ‘Yes’ too πŸ˜‚


Now over to my birthday attire

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved my birthday and I (or actually my parents) would do anything to make the day even more special. A new outfit was always part of that festive feeling and I’m not hesitant to continue this perfect tradition.

This outfit was shopped in Seville some weeks ago, where my friends and I went on a trip down memory lane, since we all lived there 9 years ago. The polka dots and the ruffles definitely give this look a classic Spanish vibeπŸ’ƒπŸΌ, yet the straight legged ankle trousers, the flowing shirt and the platform Eytys sneakers are very much on trend right now.

The cut of this shirt is very straight and square, but the dashing fabric and the ruffles create a casual feminine feel. Since the shirt is quite oversized, it’s recommended to combine it with a high waisted and straight legged pants, to remain the focus on your waist and elongate the legs.

This outfit is easy going, happy and girly, the exact feeling you’re looking for on your 31st birthday, right?!

Do you like this outfit and are you a fan of polka dots and ruffles? Then make sure to visit my shop, because I’ve found these pieces for you to recreate this playful attire!

See you in my next post!

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