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My little pony tee

29-08-2017, by Mieke

Sometimes it's great to let your inner child out! Especially when you can do it in a fashionable way, right?

When I saw this t-shirt at Primark, it instantly brought back so many childhood memories and I noticed on Instagram that I definitely wasn't the only one! Many of you also had a collection of these bedazzling creatures and some of you are still a fan 😃

I guess I am still too, because I simply HAD TO HAVE this tee. I love the simplicity of the shirt, the stonewashed grey color, but above all: the ponies on it 🙌🏻

I paired the t-shirt with some ripped boyfriend jeans, a plain black belt and my new black sandals from &Other Stories. I bought them not too long ago and wasn't really sure, because the summer almost came to an end. The question was: would there still be enough opportunities to wear them..?

Well, I'm super glad I did add them to my collection, because I've worn them numerous times already; they simply go with any style.

I'm super curious to hear what you think of my outfit and, of course, if you love 'My Little Ponies' just as much as I do.

Primark doesn't have an online store, but I did find an Ebay seller online. If you want to shop this tough-girl-gone-girly shirt or these lovely sandals, then head over to the shop!

Enjoy your day sweeties and remember: you're never to old to play around with fashion 🦄⚡️🦄

♥️ Mieke

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