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Stripes and loafers

18-10-2016, by Mieke

I just love them: oversized shirts! You can grab one from your boyfriend's closet or just buy them.. Anywhere!

Since my husband is super tall (almost 2 meters), his shirts would look way too oversized on me, so that's no option. However, if your boyfriend is about your hight, just dive into his closet and steel one of his office armors :-)

This white shirt with baby blue stripes, high splits on the sides and big sleeves is big, but still feminine. I love wearing it just as it is, or pair it with a nice knitted sweater or vest. It's the perfect basic for coming fall and winter. 

For this look, I wanted to combine my oversized shirt with my new patent leather black loafers. These loafers are a catch from H&M! They're super comfy, on trend and both wearable to the office and during weekends! However, the loafers and striped shirt could make the ensemble a bit too goody-goody, so I paired them with my ripped jeans to slightly toughen up the look.

A casual half-tuck, a cute thin belt and sunny autumn weather finishes the look, don't you think?

What do you think about oversized shirts? Do you love them as much as I do? Go check out the shop to find this one and comparable items.

Love, Mieke

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