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Cheap Monday, a Brand to watch

23-10-2015, by Mieke

Living in Sweden makes me want to find out all the fashionable Swedish clothing brands and, more importantly, share them with you. Cheap Monday is definitely a brand to watch.

I bumped into the brand Cheap Monday a few times in the Netherlands before, in some cute little boutique shops. What got my attention, was the funny an recognizable logo, which is a drawn skull. This sounds a bit goth-like, but because of the design it has more of an easy going and fun feel to it. And that's what I feel when looking at the clothes of this brand. Comfortable, hip clothing, for man and women who don't take fashion too seriously. This brand is my cup of tea! On top of this, the price tags are very acceptable, so I had to experience this brand.

The comfortable sweater trend is totally on in Sweden, something I'm more than willing to support. When seeing this grey-greenish Stockholm-version, the decision was easily made. 

When the package arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The color of the sweat shirt is between grey and green, which makes it more original then the usual grey ones on the market. Furthermore, the lettering on the sweater is embroidered, instead of printed. On the photo on  the website I wasn't able to see this and printed would have been fine too. But, like I said: a pleasant surprise.

On the photo I am combining the sweater with a leather jacket, a black waxed pants and some white leather sneakers. Underneath, I am wearing a buttoned-up jeans shirt, which makes it a bit more of an outfit than when it's just the sweater on its own. Head over to the shop to find these, or comparable, items.

What do you think of the sweater trend? Just as big of a fan as I am? And what about Cheap Monday? Let me know!

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