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Socks for president!

14-09-2016, by Mieke

Socks are becoming more and more of a THING and I absolutely LOVE IT! 

Some years ago we'd do anything to hide our socks from the rest of the world and I must say: we were absolutely right doing that! Those ugly little pairs didn't deserve to be seen and were only worn for their functionality.


Little by little we saw cute patterns peeking out from under costume trousers, revealing the originality of the man in that suit. By now socks are a part of our wardrobe and should no longer be underestimated. Happy Socks was even able to build a successful business in fashionable socks! 

Those practical ones? Hide them for everybody! Those patterns, dots, smiley faces and rainbows? Use them to reveal your personality! So Yes, I'm all for socks! They're a great way to add a little spunk and originality to your look, without too much of an effort. Easy to feel good, right?

This look I'm wearing is pretty simple and clean. A white and structured jumper, some comfortable jeans, a pair of white sneakers and an elegant black bag...

But.. When adding these retro striped socks, this look transforms from plain to pleasant :-)

What's your opinion on socks? Do they need to stay unseen or do you like to use them to complete your ensemble? Let me know by leaving a comment below, on Instagram or on Facebook!

Would you like to shop these or comparable items? Then head over to the shop!

See you soon ladies!!

XX Mieke

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