Tallinn, EE

Burgundy galore!

28-10-2016, by Mieke

Here in Stockholm, autumn has now really set in and there are more leafs on the floor than still on the trees. I adore the fall and all its lovely colors and I love the it-color of this season: burgundy. I most confess I added quite some items in this color to my winter wardrobe, but you can’t blame me: it’s such a warm, cosy, sophisticated color. You simply have to have it!

When sightseeing in Tallinn, I chose this comfy and simple look and completed it with my burgundy knits from Samsøe & Samsøe. I’ll say it over and over again, but I love this brand. The Scandinavian simplicity and their high quality fabrics are superb and as you can see: these warm accessories are no exception :-) 

Do you want to dress like the Swedes do? Then add a simple and high quality beanie to your wardrobe to gard you from the cold and from bad hair days.

The trousers I’m wearing used to be the ones I wore when attending a job interview. Paired with the matching blazer and some pumps they’re very business-approved, but with these white Won Hundred sneakers and laid-back sweater it makes for a casual look.

I always love it when I re-invent older pieces in my wardrobe!

I like to wear simple colors and straight cuts, to balance a look. I found the sweater at Zara and I think it will be a great basic addition to my closet. 


My ultimate favorite accessory is my Minitials necklace. My husband gave it to me as a birthday present over three years ago and I’ve been wearing it ever since! The gloves also go a long way back. They’re from Hema, a typical Dutch store. The cute leather bag is from a little boutique in Stockholm. It's hand-made and has just enough room to fit in my phone, a lipstick and my creditcard. What else is needed, right? ;-)

I hope you’ll be enjoying the autumn weather this weekend and, in case the temperature drops: wear that beanie with pride!

XX Mieke

P.S. Head over to the shop to find these and comparable items :-)

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