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I never wear hats

23-11-2015, by Mieke

I love hats! Big ones protecting me from the sun, chique ones for occasions and trendy ones to give your outfit something extra! I also think hats look good on me (how modest, right!) and when I wore a hat a couple of months ago, my dad even suggested adding an extra theme to my blog: Mieke's hats. So when shopping, buying hats always seems like a good idea. BUT... I hardly ever wear them!

Here's why:

  • A bad hair day?
    Magazines always suggest that hats cover up a bad hair day. However, when I have a bad hair day, I don't feel 'fashionably in the mood'  for a hat and I turn to a messy bun instead. And what about when you put the hat off? Then you've transformed that bad hair day into a 'bad hair day extraordinaire'. Which brings me to the next point:
  • The rules please?
    I don't really know and understand the rules. When getting inside, do you take your hat off? The trend tells me I shouldn't, because it's part of my outfit. But isn't it rude to wear a hat inside? And how do these princesses do this? I'm sure they're all keeping that hat on inside, instead of, like me, putting it off, laying it on the table, putting it back on, putting it off, playing with it.. So not knowing what to do with that d*mn thing.
  • When to wear that hat?
    Ok, the big moment arrived, I have decided to wear a hat.. But then I get outside, the wind catches my hat and I find myself - super comfortably - holding on to my hat the entire day. Then the summer, a perfect time to wear hats, but the sun finally shines, I want to catch a tan and I end up carrying the hat in my hand all day. And on a cold winter day, I find myself regretting not wearing my warm knitted head gear instead of my fashionable hat.
  • Awkward?
    So, when reading this, do you feel as awkward as I do when wearing my hat?

It's such a shame. When I take the hatty-look outside into the world, it always makes me feel uncomfortable, whereas my gut and the mirror tell me it's totally my thing. So, here's a promiss to all the people reading this, but especially to myself: I am going to wear my hats more often and I will wear them with pride. I will keep you posted on my goal and I can't wait to shop myself another hat. Hat (lame joke, I know) over to the shop to see my favorites.

What about you? Do you like hats? And how often do you wear them? And even more important: how do you feel with a hat on? Let me know :)


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