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Shades of Valentine

14-02-2017, by Mieke

It's Valentine's Day! Let's go overboard with flowers, gifts, love letters, fancy dinners and love serenades...

Uhm.. Honestly I don't really go big and bold when it comes to Valentine's. He plans to surprise me with a home-cooked dinner and I bought my love a cute, small and - above all - meaningful present (I would spoil the fun if I told you what it is, because he's always loyally reading my blogs 😉)

I'm keeping a low profile when it comes to Valentine's day. However, this lovely day is the perfect reason to add a little 'umpf' to your outfit, right?

I figured my awesome glasses from Polette, this blushy colored blouse and my pastel pink veste would definitely bring me into the Valentine's mood..

Do you have special plans for this Valentine's Day? And are you dressing up for the occasion? 

I wish you the best Valentine's Day, surrounded by lots of love 💖

X Mieke

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