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27-01-2017, by Mieke

Whether glasses are a necessity for you, or you’re just into the wearing-glasses-because-it-looks-so-cool-trend, keep reading this blogpost!

If you take a close look into my eyes, you’ll see I’m always wearing contact lenses. As soon as I’m wearing them, I can see clearly, I feel awake and my day has started. In fact, putting in my contact lenses is the very first thing I do in the morning and taking them off is the very last thing, before going to bed.

That being said, there are days I’d prefer not wearing my contacts; after a night out, when I’m really tired, or just because..

Many people have glasses for days like these and I have to admit, I do too. 


These glasses were purchased many many years ago, which makes them outdated and less functional (my sight has decreased over the years, but the glasses remained the same). Hence, I would only wear my glasses in a case of urgent emergency, but apart from that, these glasses don’t deserve the light of day.

The question arises: ‘ Why not just buy new glasses?’

Yep, good question. There’s some laziness involved, I have to admit. Apart from that, buying glasses the traditional way can get rather pricey and, since I’m not wearing them on a daily bases, it seems to be a waste to invest in something I’ll get bored of within a year.

Because, let’s face it: we allow ourselves to wear a different outfit every day, we go shopping every season (ok, we go shopping a couple of times a week..), but our glasses remain the same over the years. Such a shame if you ask me.

But then I heard about Polette eyewear..

Polette is an eyewear company, where you can order your glasses online. On the website you’ll find many styles and shapes, the collection is constantly evolving and the prices are right. This way, Polette makes it possible to stay on top of the trends, even when it comes to your glasses. 

How does it work?

  1. Go to and find the frame you’re looking for. 
  2. Choose your glasses; sunglasses, prescription glasses, or fashion glasses (if you’re just wearing them for fun and fashion 😏)
  3. Fill in the prescription
  4. Fill in the address, go sit beside your mail box and wait for your glasses to arrive!

What makes it even better?

  • There are some actual shops as well, where you can try out the frames and get your eyes measured for free.
  • There’s a chat function on the website, with some very professional people to help you with any kind of question. 


How do I know all this?

Polette invited me to try and test the entire process. How lucky am I, right?

I struggled to make a choice, but apart from that, it works like a charm. I had some doubts about how to fill in the prescription and immediately got help through the chat service. 

On the website, there’s a function where you can upload a photo and see what the frame would look like on you. I used this, but in a short chat conversation with one of the lovely ladies at Polette, she gave me the tip to take a close look at my favorite sunglasses too. Even though I have sunglasses in many shapes and sizes, it turns out that all of them are about the same width, which is probably why they ‘fit’ my face. With this knowledge, I narrowed down my search for the right frame.

I fell in love with this frame called Hopkins. With its big, ground glasses and the combination of the traditional tortoiseshell color and the golden metal, I thought it was both classical and on-trend.

Now that I’ve received my glasses, I’m wearing them whenever I feel like it. Not only for functionality, but because they look pretty d*mn awesome too, don’t  they? 😃

So, whether glasses are a necessity for you, or you’re just into the wearing-glasses-because-it-looks-so-cool-trend, if you want to extend your glasses collection just as much as your wardrobe, then don’t hesitate to head over to Polette.

What do you think about my glasses? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below, on Facebook or on Instagram.

SEE you soon! 😎

X Mieke

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