Rouge sur rouge

29-01-2018, by Mieke

This winter is all about bright red and I. Love. It! It brings some color to the grey Winter days and gives a cosy effect ❤️ I was lucky that 3suisses let me try out their online fashion store and I chose this coat, the pants and these high heels. 

For this outfit, I combined this bright red coat with a warm toned burgundy and guess what: it works, right?! I’m really looking forward to warmer days and by combining the warm and deep burgundy colored pants with the bright red coat, I’m creating a combination of a dark winter feeling with a pop of fresh spring, slowly transitioning my wardrobe into the season to come! 

Let’s discuss this coat a little more, shall we?!

The fabric is cuddly, but not too thick and the cut is straight and easy to wear. This coat can go with a pair of sneakers for a casual coffee date or a stroll in the park. However, with some fancy high heels, you can easily steel the show at the office too. As for the color, I think it’s the perfect pop of red that will make every woman stand out! Add this color to a pattern to create balance, to warm beige for a chic effect, or just slip into some jeans and combine it with a plain white tee; this coat is an allrounder!

It’s hard to miss I’m a fan of this coat, right? 😜

Finishing touch

What do you think of this super cute clutch? I’m totally in love and I could tell you so much more about it… However, I’m choosing to save that for one of my next blogposts, sorry guys 😏😇😜

I hope to see you then, so I can spill the beans on this amazing bag!

Bisous, Mieke

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