Stockholm, SE

Singing in the rain

30-06-2016, by Mieke

When we arrived in Stockholm in July a year ago, the weather was terrible: rain, rain and then some more... RAIN! The only pretty side of this weather was the great variety of rain coats visible on the streets! Now that July is around the corner, I decided to gard myself from this unpredictable season with my brand new Stutterheim!

Buying this raincoat comes with a beautiful story. When Alexander's grandfather passed away in 2010, Alexander found a classic old fisherman's raincoat in his grandpa's barn. This old raincoat inspired Alexander and he started working on modernizing it. Stutterheim was born: a classic rain coat with a straight cut, making it practical, simple and sophisticated!

Gone are the days you wore your ugly raincoat as a necessity and filled with disgust. You can now wear it when hiking in the woods or on a rainy day to work and be super hip!

I have to be honest: this rain coat is not the cheapest of them all, which is why I hesitated to buy it for quite a while. However, now that I did decide to go for it, I hope I'll be able to wear it as long as Alexander's grandfather did!

A cool coincidence

I bought this rain coat in a cute boutique in Gamlastan Stockholm (the old city centre of Stockholm) and the owner told me Alexander lives in the apartment right above the store! That's when I knew my Stutterheim and I were meant to be :)

What do you think about this timeless piece of a rain coat? Head to the shop if you like it!

Here's to great weather this summer. And if not: let's go singing in the rain with our Stutterheims on!

Love, Mieke

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