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Goat-cheese-for-my-honey salad

25-08-2017, by Mieke

Last Tuesday it was a hot summer day and I had dinner with two of my lovely friends. We wanted to have a light and healthy meal, so we made a salad.

It's healthy, super easy to make and, above all, super yummy!

The lukewarm lentils blend perfectly with the goat cheese and give the salad dept and structure, together with the walnuts. The cherry tomatoes and cucumber give a light crunch and the combination of apple and honey will give your salad a fresh and sweet finish.

INGREDIENTS (3 people)

Lentils - 300 grams

Lamb’s lettuce (veldsla) or spinach - 200 grams

Soft goat cheese (soft flavor) - 150 grams

Walnuts - 60 grams

2 Sweet apples (Elstar, Pink Lady or Junami) 

Cherry tomatoes - 200 grams

Half a cucumber

3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

3 tablespoons of honey

Salt and pepper


Wash your lentils and add them to boiling water. Let it boil for about 20 minutes. 

Meanwhile, chop your apples in chunks, the cherry tomatoes in two and the cucumber into small pieces and mix them in a large bowl with your lettuce. There's no need to get rid of the skin of the cucumber and the apples, as it will add extra flavor and color to the dish. Add the olive oil and your honey to the bowl and give everything a gentle stir. Season the dish with salt and pepper.


Finish your plate:

Arrange your salad mixture onto the plate, add the lentils on the side, place the goat cheese on top of the salad, add the walnuts and sprinkle some extra honey, salt and pepper on top.

That's it, bon apétite 🍴🍸

I hope you'll love this salad just as much as I do. See you in my next blog post!

X Mieke

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