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24-08-2016, by Mieke

The Swedes know how to enjoy their summers. They spends numerous weeks in a summer house on one of the many Swedish islands or by the West coast of Sweden. For Stockholm, this means the city is pretty deserted in July, so it’s good to see that vacations are coming to an end and the overly tanned Stockholm people are returning home.

Once they’re home, the enjoyment in life continues, as we’re lucky to have a perfect summer this year. People are trying to get the last beams of sun, before fall kicks in and the days will get colder and darker again.

If you’ve never been to Mälarpaviljongen, definitely go there! It’s save to say it’s the perfect spot in the summer, inside the city! 

Mälarpaviljongen is situated in Kungsholmen, by the water. One of the cool things about this hotspot, is that its terrace is floating in the water. People can dock their boats or canoes and have a quick break, but mostly end up spending their entire afternoon over there. That’s just what this place does to you!


At Mälarpaviljongen, you can have it all, as long as you take care of it yourself. Find yourself a seat in the garden or on the floating terrace, get in line and order what you’re craving for.

If you’re a sweet tooth, definitely go there for Swedish fika, because the cinnamon- and cardamom buns are delicious! The cakes also seem like a good option, even though I’ve never tried one. If you want to keep it light, you can also order some Swedish strawberries.

Going to this hotspot for lunch is perfect! There’s a menu with a good selection of typically Swedish and more internationally oriented dishes. Grab a deliciously healthy salad, take a hamburger or order some Swedish meatballs; you wont be disappointed. The portions are not too big and not too small and work really well as a dinner too.

Then, as soon as you feel like it, order a nice cider or a corona, sit back and dream away, while you’re watching the stunning view. Nobody will blame you :)


If you’re into the decoration of this place, you can recreate it at home, since part of the terrace has a boutique with a lot of Swedish home decoration. Be aware: you’ll want to have everything they’re having on display!

This place has it all. If the sun is out in Stockholm, you can go here from dust to dawn and you’ll understand why the people from Stockholm love their city so much!

Are you visiting Stockholm? Then don't miss out on this hotspot! Will you let me know what you thought of it?

XX Mieke

Norr Mälarstrand 64, Stockholm


During the summer: 11:00 am - 01:00 pm

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