Vasastan Stockholm, SE


20-05-2016, by Mieke

When I'm looking for an inspiring place to type my blogs, this is one of my favorites. A buzzing place packed with locals chatting, having a fika or a lunch and enjoying the food. 

Right in the heart of Vasastan, you'll find Kaffeverket. The white tiles against the walls give this place a contemporary feeling and, together with the green wood, the golden tabletops and the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, you will know you're in Scandinavia. The carefully placed little cactuses and the warm sheepskin blankets on the seatings, give this place an 'at-home-feeling', which must be one of the reasons people love to spend their time here (and even feel comfortable to take off their shoes :)).


There are many healthy and home-made options at this place, which makes it perfect for lunch. The salads are an absolute treat! I had a vegan salad, which doesn't sound super tempting to be honest, but is definitely worth a try! The combination of hummus, caramelized walnuts, kale and some very original veggies makes for a perfect combination! My friend Mirre had a salmon salad, which wasn't moderate on the salmon part and my friend Emilie had a vegetable stew.

Our verdict: lunch perfection!


At this place there are many healthy options, but it wouldn't be Swedish if there weren't any sweet options, right? The cakes, pies and cookies are dangerously good, so beware sweet tooths, because you'll want to get back every day :)

A good tip if you want to treat yourself, but still want to watch your diet: Kaffeverket also has cute and small home-made cookies. Next to my coffee I often take one with lemon cream and a blueberry on top. Super delicious! 

Spend your time at Kaffeverket, casually or for business. It's a Swedish treat!

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Love, Mieke


Sankt Eriksgatan 88
Tel: +468315142 


Monday - Thursday: 07.00h - 20.00h
Friday: 07.00h - 18.00h
Saturday - Sunday: 09.00h - 18.00h

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