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STHLM Brunch Club

15-01-2016, by Mieke

One of my New Year's resolutions was to show you more hotspots, so why not start with a personal favorite in my own neigborhood? STHLM Brunch Club is the perfect spot for foodies who don't like to be stressed and love the combination of health and comfort food. My kind of place!

STHLM Brunch Club is situated in Vasastan, a trendy neigborhood just outside of the touristic area. It hides many boutiques, hip coffee bars and great restaurants, so when visiting Stockholm it's a perfect idea to divert from the regular route and head to Vasastan. Just across from the beautiful Vasaparken you'll find STHLM Brunch Club, a true treasure.

Reservations please?

This Wednesday I was able to visit again for the first time this year, as I had planned a lunch date with my new friend Anouk and her cute baby boy. I contacted STHLM Brunch Club beforehand via Facebook to make a reservation and they got back to me within half an hour. Unfortunately it's not possible to make a reservation, but during week days there's usually enough room. During the weekends the brunch club works with a waiting list. The one time I visited during the weekend we came with a group of 3 and, even though it was full house, we managed to get a table within a few minutes. When you come with a larger group, I think you'll need to prepare for a tiny bit of waiting, but hey, there's nothing a great smoothie can't solve on moments like these :)


STHLM Brunch Club is opened during daytime and serves breakfast, brunch and lunch all day. The serving part is the first notable aspect of this place. In Stockholm there are countless coffee bars with great food, but most of them serve already displayed sandwiches and require self-service. It's a very effective and accessible method, but the fact that STHLM Brunch Club really serves their customers makes for a nice change. Get in and breath in the cosy atmosphere, created by brick walls, an old tiled floor, not so randomly picked random furniture and cute cavities: 'Just sit back and relax' seems to be the motto.

On the menu

You'll find a great balance of internationally inspired healthy choices and sinnery comfort food. The drinks vary from a carrot booster or a very berry to a Nutella mega shake, oehhhhh! Very suited for a brunch club, there's a wide range of egg inspired dishes, like eggs and sausages and scrambled egg with smoked salmon. The American pancakes and Belgian waffles are present as well and can easily go together with an acai bowl or a healthy granola

Sätila of Sweden hat, Grandpa edition, stolen from my husband ;-) Check out the shop for a comparable item.

Have we reached brunch heaven?

Making decisions is very hard with a menu like this, so we decided to share the avocado toast, the fluffy American pancakes and the acai bowl with cocos flakes. After the much needed Instagram pictures we dug in without regretting it. The toast was crunchy an smooth, the fluffy pancakes were not too sweet and felt light because of the fluffiness and the acai bowl served for a perfect desert. As we were chatting, time passed us by without us noticing...

Go to the STHLM Brunch Club to feel at home, served and satisfied, they live up to the promise!

Dalagatan 24
11324 Stockholm

Opening hours:

Mondays: Closed
Tue - Fri: 07.00 - 16.00
Sat & Sun: 09.00 - 16.00

What did you think of this first hotspot? Have you already visited? And are you as enthusiastic as I am?

Oh, you don't live in Stockholm? Don't worry: I will keep posting hotspots from wherever I am! Or you can use my hotspots as an excuse to pay a visit to this great city ;-)

Have a lovely weekend and don't hesitate to comment on this blog via Instagram, Facebook or beneath, I love to hear from you!


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