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20-06-2018, by Mieke

Last week, we've spent 6 amazing days in Barcelona and we re-visited Brunch & Cake. Since it was still just as amazing as 2 years ago, I re-posted the blog about this inspiring brunch hotspot.

(August 2016)
A few weeks ago, Mark and I visited Barcelona. We didn’t do all the touristic stuff, since we already did this when Mark studied in this great city some years ago. However, a lot can change in 8 (!!) years, especially when it comes to hip and happening eating spots. And boy did I find a great hotspot for having breakfast and lunch: Brunch & Cake. Don’t leave Barcelona without having paid a visit!

Brunch & Cake has grown to 4 locations throughout the city and will soon open its fifth! However, don’t be afraid to encounter a franchise-every-location-is-the-same-feeling. I visited two locations and, even though the dishes and the level of hipness was just as high, both locations had their own identity.


What’s the same for every location, is the popularity. If you arrive around 11 am, populair brunch time, you’ll face quite a queue of youngsters wanting to spend their time at Brunch & Cake and take a snap of it to put on Instagram. Therefore, I’d suggest to come a little early, around 10 am, and enjoy the place before the real buzz hits off.

The interior of Brunch & Cake is very cosy and bright, with lots of white and light wood, golden lamps and cute details. In combination with the summery weather outside, this place instantly gives you that vacation feeling. Brunch & Cake stands out from the more traditional bars you’ll find in Barcelona.


At Brunch & Cake every dish on the menu is carefully put together by Manex Susaeta, who works according to the philosophy of many Grandmothers: “Make absolutely everything by hand and slowly, with care. Be honest and use the best possible ingredients”. This philosophy results in healthy and original ingredients, colorful presentations and an explosion of taste!

I like this philosophy!

Ok, now you have a table at this hotspot, you get the menu and.. You have to make a choice… Very difficult when all this menu-goodness is staring you right in the face. This is why we decided to return and try another location as well. After all: how could we possibly form an opinion based on just one go, right? ;-)

Brunch & Cake close to the university

The first time we went to Brunch and Cake to have lunch. We both choose a delicious organic juice, Mark went for the avocado toast and I had a salad of mango and chicken with a mustard and orange vinaigrette. Filling, yet light, original and complementary flavors, one bite more colorful than the other: mind-blowing!

Brunch & Cake by the sea

Beetroot what??

Mark repeated the organic juice when we went for breakfast and I choose something I'd never seen before: a beet root cappuccino. It was a coffee experience, yet different and slightly sweet, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was. I've written an email to the Brunch & Cake team, so hopefully they'll let me in on the secret and I'll be able to share a little blogpost on beetroot cappuccino somewhere soon :)

For the food, Mark went for yoghurt and granola, but regretted his choice later. Not because it wasn’t good, it tasted great, but because he saw me eating my entire pile of oat pancakes with ricotta, bananas, red fruits and maple syrup..

And not leaving anything for him ;-)

This place! Healthy, tasty and super inspiring! 

I hope you liked this blogpost and if you're visiting Brunch & Cake, let me know what you thought of it :) You can leave a comment below, on Instagram, or on Facebook!

XX Mieke

BRUNCH & CAKE close to the university
Calle Enric Granados 19, Barcelona
Monday - Sunday: 08.30 - 21:30h

BRUNCH & CAKE by the sea
Passeig Joan de Borbó 5, Barcelona
Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 19:00h

Check out their website to find out about the other locations.

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