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In love with my Jennie-Ellen sneakers

25-03-2019, by Mieke

Sneakers! How I love them and wear them almost every day.

Looking at my sneaker collection, one would probably argue there’s no room, let alone need for a new pair of sneakers, but.. I caved again, this time for these grey suede beauties.

Let me start by saying that this isn’t a sponsored post. It’s simply a girl with a serious sneaker-brand-crush. Jennie-Ellen is a brand from Stockholm that combines feminine flair with Scandinavian cool. The collection consists of beautiful materials, soft, yet daring colors and clean models, with an extra touch of originality.

This is not the first pair I bought from this brand. I discovered Jennie-Ellen’s cute boutique in Stockholm right before we left the city to live in Brussels. A few days before the move, I bought my first pair and wore it with pride and so much comfort! The leather of the inner shoe is so soft that there’s no need to break them in. Now, that’s a good sneaker!

This grey pair that's rightly called 'Bae' is going to be my second (Jennie-Ellen) love. The color can be worn all-year round and the platform soles are so cool an chunky. I can’t wait to pair them with literally every outfit in my closet, because that’s what this allrounder is capable of.

Are you as much of a sneaker lover as I am? And are there some original brands out there that I definitely should know of? Please let me know by leaving a comment.

To find this beautiful pair of sneakers, take a look at my shop!

Lots of love from Brussels,


If you want to see the Jennie-Ellen collection for yourself, head over to their website.

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