Brussels, BE

Café Capitale

02-12-2017, by Mieke

In Brussels, there’s always a Café Capitale close to you, so your ‘love in a cup’ is never too far away.

Café Capitale has several locations throughout the city: Capitale Café City, Café Capitale Lab and Café Capitale Roastery. You can also find their self-roasted coffee beans at Café du Sablon and Café de la Presse. As for discovering and writing about these places; I have my work cut out for me 😉🤗

At Café Capitale they have a love for coffee and I’m so excited they decided to share it. I went to Café Capitale - the lab, in the ‘Marollen’ area, where I was warmly welcomed in a small, relaxed invironment. There are several filter coffees and espessos on the menu and a barista that knows his facts (AND is super friendly AND talks Italian on the side, how truly ‘barista’ is that!?)

I went for a super nice cappuccino and had to skip the cake or pie, because I was on a sugar-free week with my friends. However, you can be sure I’ll be back to have a piece of their pie with the meringue topping 🤤

If you’re in Brussels as a coffee lover and you really want to make something of your break, visit one of the of the Café Capitale locations to enjoy your cup.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Xx Mieke

Café Capitale

Ernest Allardstraat 41, Brussels

Opening hours:

Wednesday - Sunday: 08:30 - 17:30

Monday and Tuesday: closed

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