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14-04-2018, by Mieke

Last weekend I was invited to enjoy the recently launched weekend brunch at Pistolet Original Galeries, one of their two locations in Brussels. You’ll find them in the heart of Brussels, right around the corner from all the touristic sights. If you’re exploring Brussels it’s a great brunch spot to start your day!

Pistolet Original is, as the name suggests, a place where you can eat a good old pistolet. It’s a brunch- and lunch spot that combines all the goodness of traditional Belgian cuisine with the modern need for convenience and fun. On the menu you’ll find all kinds of Belgian classics like ‘filét Americain’, ‘grey shrimps’, ‘toast cannibal (tartar beef and salad)’ and ‘minced pork meat’, all presented in a modern way and, of course, on a pistolet.

When I entered Pistolet Original, I was immediately welcomed by the bright contrast of red and white, from the furniture and the lighting, right until the striped shirts the waiters were wearing. The atmosphere is casual and friendly and you’re thrown straight into weekend-mode.

The base for this brunch is a pistolet (duh haha), with eggs (scrambled and optionally topped with bacon), combined with a second pistolet with marmelade or a homemade cake. I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise that I opted for the cake, because ‘Hey, it’s cake!’, but also because I think the original, homemade cake always brings me back to my childhood.

Who doesn’t love the stickiness of a ‘grandma’ cake, right? 

Why I liked this brunch...

In Brussels, having a weekend brunch is totally a thing and I absolutely love it. However, I often think these brunches can be quite heavy, with soup, meat, pasta, rice, wine, etcetera. I prefer to have my brunch session between 11am and 1 pm and around this time this heavy food doesn’t sound that appealing to me yet. At Pistolet Original Galeries you can find a no-nonsense, Belgian inspired brunch with some bread, eggs, a good coffee and a cake: just the way I like to kickstart my weekend mornings!

Are you in the city centre and are you looking for a not-that-touristy brunch spot with modern Belgian flair? Pistolet Original is the way to go.

Enjoy your weekend sweethearts!

Bisous, Mieke

Pistolet Original - Galeries

Beenhouwersstraat 44
1000 Brussel

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 16:00 
Saturday - Sunday: 11:00 - 16:00

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