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Black leather pencil skirt | By Mieke Geevers
Brussels, BE

Black leather pencil skirt

25-11-2017, by Mieke

In Belgium, fall has really kicked in by now, with lots of rain, rain and then some more.. rain! ☔️ However, the temperatures haven’t really dropped that much, so wearing a skirt is a great option.

I love this Agnes Mason leather-look pencil skirt I got as a gift from Lesara. It’s form fitted, very flattering and super feminine, but I like to style it with my sneakers, to create a trendy and casual look.

To make the skirt shine, I’m wearing a simple sweater and my beige coat. I think the panter scarf brings the entire look together and I feel like I fit into the autumn atmosphere of Brussels 🍁🍂🍁

What do you think of this look and this gorgeous skirt? Let me know by leaving a comment.

See you in my next blogpost!


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