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Ever-changing-windy-beach-weather | By Mieke Geevers
Zeeland, NL


03-08-2016, by Mieke

Hi guys, I'm back!

This week we came back from our vacation in Barcelona and The Netherlands. It was so nice to see all of our family and friends back home, but it was also great to be in Spain and get that real Mediterranean vacation feeling. In Barcelona we didn't really have to explore the cultural stuff, since Mark lived there for a year during his studies and I came visiting a lot of times. This meant we simply had to enjoy the lovely beach, the shops and of course.. The tapas!!

When we were in The Netherlands we visited Mark's parents in Zeeland, by the Dutch beach. Luckily we had some very sunny days, but as you'd expect from The Netherlands, we sometimes had to layer up and concur the wind. Perfect hair days are non-existent in this part of the country ;-)

I wanted to show you one of my ever-changing-windy-beach-weather-in-The-Netherlands-outfits :)

When the summer weather is not at its best, but the temperature is still around 20 degrees, I love to wear maxi skirts. The long and loose fabric around your legs makes it airy and fresh, but still protects you from getting cold. Combined with several layers on top, it doesn't matter if the temperature will go up or drop :) 

Psssssst.. Maxi skirts are also perfect if you don't want to wear long trousers, but don't feel like shaving your legs ;-)

A black long skirt combines perfectly with several styles.

When wearing it with a simple t-shirt, it's casual and by combining it with a blouse and a jumper, it's perfect for a night by the beach! The jumper and the blouse are from one of my favorite Spanish brands Bimba & Lola. It's a brand that combines beautiful fabrics and materials with a fun and playful style, so it's a brand to watch when you're looking for something beautifully original! And when we were in Barcelona, we jumped right into the Bimba & Lola Rebajas.. Need I say more?

As for the details..

These sandals of the brand LBDK have stood by me this entire summer and I still adore them. Because of their simplicity they can go together with anything, from casual to dressed! I was wearing the cutest Bimba & Lola bow earrings, but I forgot to make a close-up photo of it (must have been the vacation mode I was in, you can find them in the shop though). The bow bracelet was a birthday present from my friends. Bows always make me think of fun and parties, so I love to add them to my outfits!

So ladies, I hope you loved this blogpost and this outfit. What do you think of long skirts? Also a fan? And do you want to shop some of these or comparable items? Then head over to the shop!

I hope to see you in my next blog and if you want to, you're more than welcome to write a comment overhere, on Facebook or on Instagram.

Kisses, Mieke

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