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The perfect denim skirt

10-07-2017, by Mieke

Denim skirts are totally a thing this summer and I think it's the perfect piece of clothing to create a playful style. I searched long and hard for that perfect denim skirt and I think I might have found it 🙌🏻

It's a dark grey denim skirt from H&M and I'm going to make it easy on myself and just write down in bullet point why I love this skirt so much and why I think you should too:


  • Denim skirts come in many colors, from the typical indigo denim to faded light blue and even cute pastel colors. However, when it comes to a piece of clothing like this, I prefer to add a little spunk and not make the look too girly. I think this dark grey color adds a bit more coolness to the skirt, as opposed to cuteness.
  • A dark color can have a slimming effect, so if that's what you want to accomplish, a dark color is a good choice!


  • This skirt is literally rough around the edges, because of the ripped hems. However, apart form this, there are no holes or extensive damaged parts, which makes this piece a great choice for both casual weekend wear and casual Fridays at work. Huge plus!


  • This skirt has a high waist, which is super flattering. You can tuck any shirt - wide, tight, or cropped - into the skirt and the emphasis remains on your waist, creating a feminine and slender silhouette. Hurray! 
  • It's a short skirt, so it does show quite some leg, but the high waist still elongates your legs, so that's great.
  • The front the skirt is shorter than the back. Whenever you're sitting down, this gives you that little bit of extra confidence that it's not too short.
  • There's just enough stretch to make the skirt comfortable, but not too much. It tucks you in nicely and remains its form.


The great thing about denim, is that you can pair it with any color and any style. This should have actually been one of the bullet points above: versatility 😉

I wanted to create a minimalistic look, so I paired the grey skirt with different tones of white. The statement on the tee ('This shirt makes me beautiful') is black, which blends perfectly with the whites and grey. By using different fabrics - denim skirt, cotton t-shirt and knitted veste - the look becomes more interesting and appealing.

I kept the accessories plain, whith my Cluse watch, small earrings, my Minitials necklace and a slim belt. The belt has small gold-colored insects on them, which sounds horrific, but looks really cool (at least, I think so 😏). 

The shoes I'm wearing are from Eytys, an amazing shoe brand from Stockholm. But.. I will get into detail about them later this week!

You can find this amazing denim skirt in the shop and some comparable items when it comes to the tee and the accessories.

Enjoy your week! Love, Mieke

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