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Pull-on trousers: comfort and style

06-06-2017, by Mieke

Pull-on What?! Yes, you heard that right: pull-on trousers. I'm sure you already have a few of them in your closet, maybe even in the form of pyjamas, because that's just how comfy they are!

One of my favorite things to do, it surf the internet for clothing trends, a hobby that can sometimes shorten my hours of sleep tremendously. The past months, I often came across a - to me - new term: the pull-on pants. 


If you missed this terminology, don't worry, because there's nothing new under the sun. As the word already reveilles: these trousers are very easy to slight into. They come without a zipper or a button, but have an elastic waistband and can often be tightened with a waist-cord. They can come in many lengths and materials, but the bottomline is: they are comfy!


Oh no, it's not a new invention. You probably even have some of these in your closet already, but the fact that this term suddenly comes up in so many of my fashion-lusts, proves me that pull-on pants are here to stay! That's great news 🙌🏻


I'm always hesitant with using the word 'comfort', because it evokes all kinds of thoughts I do NOT believe in, for example:

  • Large two-in-one trousers, that can be worn long or short, because of the zipper-detachable legs 😱
  • Buying clothes too big, because it's sooooo comfy 😳

These are cases when I'm firmly against comfortable, because I think comfort alone isn't enough to make me feel pretty. However, when comfortable comes in a pretty form, like fancy sneakers or trends like these pull-ons.. I'm the first in line.. 🙋 😬 🙈 

When you shop for your pull-ons, I think it's important to keep in mind that you want to combine 'comfort' with 'style'. Do. Not. Buy. Them. Too. Large! When the legs are wide and flowing, thats perfect, but at the back, these pants should be showing off that pretty booty, instead of a saggy sack of fabric. Only when the trousers consist of a delicate fabric, like silk, don't buy them too tight, because they won't stretch out, but in the case of cotton be aware that these pants will get bigger when you're wearing them.


Where them with sneakers for a casual look and have your heels ready for that after-work party. I personally like to combine different structures in a look, so that's why I chose a flowing silky top and a knitted veste to go with these cotton pull-ons. Because the trousers already have a print on them, I decided to keep the top of the look modest with plain baby pink and white. And again, size-wise: make sure not to wear these pants with a shirt or a top that's too large, because it will take the 'style' out of this comfy look 😉

So, whether you're hanging on the couch or having a day at the office, pull-on trousers are a fantastic idea! What do you think of them?

Head over to the shop if you want to check out some of my favorite pull-ons ♥️

Lots of love, Mieke

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