New York City, USA

I'm walking down the street...

13-06-2016, by Mieke

For my birthday my my husband gave me a pair of Nike Huaraches, which had been on my wish list for quite a while! The perfect shoes for a walk through Soho, New York City, humming:

"I'm walking down the street with my nikes on!"

These nikes are sporty and bad-ass, but they don't make your feet bigger (I know this for a fact, because I'm a big-feet girl). The weather that day was constantly changing, so I decided to wear a basic T-shirt, simple drawstring trousers  and my classical coat. The nikes tone down the seriousness of this look, by giving it a sporty touch.

I adore my new shoes. Let's just hope I will be able to keep them white overtime :)

How do you like these nike Huaraches? You can find them in the shop if you're into them!

X Mieke

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