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19-06-2017, by Mieke

Last weekend we had our yearly family weekend by the sea and BOY, were we lucky with the weather! The temperatures were tropical and close to the beach the breeze would make for the perfect summer day. Then, at the beach that moment arrives where you have to strip down to your bikini or bathing suit, to show the world your snow white winter body 😁 

I was smart enough to have a tiny spray-tan session just the day before (more about that in my next blogpost) and I had brought this stunner of a one-piece with me.. HOLY SH.... E!

When we were in Barcelona last summer, we went for cocktails with a friend of ours; Mayke. She went to Barcelona to study abroad for half a year, but never left and decided to build her life there. This is almost a decade ago and seeing Mayke living her life in this sunny, trendy and vibrant city, confirms that she belongs there! Last year, she started her own swimwear brand: Holy She.

Holy She is a Barcelona inspired swimwear brand, with the aim to extend swimwear to your lifestyle. Add a little short to the one-pieces and you're festival ready, or put on the high neck bikini for your yoga session, that's the idea!

But when saying one-piece or high neck, don't expect any goody-goody old lady approved bathing suit. The leg-cuts are high and the back-cuts are low, you'll find shine-through mesh and dazzling prints with splashing colours.

When wearing a Holy She, be prepared to turn some heads, because it's not just any bathing suit!

I felt super lucky I got to choose something from the collection and I went for the Tropical Mesh Open Back One-Piece. I chose this model, because I think it's the most original of the bunch. It has a tiny sleeve, which you're supposed to wear slightly off-shoulder. The print is super colorful and sunny and covers just enough to.. Well.. Cover you in sex appeal 💃🏼 The rest of the bathing suit is made of white mesh, which makes for a comfortable wear and gives you a tucked-in feeling.

Let me tell you, being photographed in a bathing suit is quite nerve wrecking, but I'm super happy I did. It gave me the opportunity to show you this amazing Holy She bathing suit, which is feminine, flirtatious and a lot of fun!

If you want to shop yourself a cute Holy She piece, then head over to the shop. And stay tuned sweethearts, because this week I'll reveal the secret to a nice tan in just a few minutes (seriously, if your skin is naturally glowing-in-the-dark like mine, you'll want to read my next post)!

Lots of love and enjoy the summer weather!

💋 Mieke

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