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Wide-legged and high-waisted

07-03-2016, by Mieke

Wide-legged, high-waisted and effortlessly worn: this is the Scandi style black pants that makes every woman shine!

Perhaps you've noticed that the flared jeans are back! Worn with a high heel for femininity or with a sneaker for a cool edge. Personally, I still have to get used to this trend, as I was so comfortable with the legs getting skinnier and tighter over the past years. As  soon as I slip into one of those flared models, I don't feel they're doing much for my figure, rather than accentuating my muscled legs and flat bum (I'm sorry, just calling it as it is haha). It's obvious I haven't found my mojo yet with this craze, but as soon as I've found a model that feels right, I will let you know..


Simultaneously, there's another trend going on, which moves in the same direction as the flared jeans, but is more forgiving on different body types and therefore easier to find in the right fit..

The high waisted, wide-legged pants.

The high waist of these trousers will elongate your legs and the loose fit around the legs will give the look a feminine and nonchalant feel. All of this whilst covering up some of the areas women could feel conscious of.

Style-wise this model of trousers is very versatile.

Wear it with your shirt tucked in, with a tight fitted top that ends where your pants begin or, if you dare, wear it with a cropped top! Together with a high heel they'll be part of your business ensemble, but you can choose any sneaker you like and wear it the Scandi way! 

This model of trousers is super flattering and I think it looks good on every woman!

Can you feel my enthusiasm for this effortless and sophisticated look?.. Well that's because I am :)

The ones I'm wearing in the picture are from American Apparel, which are not wrinkly at all, because of the material they're made of. You can check out the shop for these or comparable items and please let me know what you think of this look. I love to read and respond to all of your comments below, on Instagram or on Facebook!

Have a great week and lots of love,


Photos: Anouk Yve

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