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Lilla P

21-03-2016, by Mieke

Find the Södermalm coziness in the fancy part of the city by visiting Lilla P.

When you walk around Östermalm in Stockholm you know you're in the fancy part of the city. Beautiful lanes, designer shops and embassy buildings give this area its allure. In the cafés you'll discover that the people in this area match their surroundings, which emphasizes the luxury feeling. It's a lovely area in Stockholm to see and being seen. But when you're in need of a more casual moment within this world of glitz, then head over to Lilla P and be welcomed by the owner Pouria.


Pouria was a plumber and always dreamed of his own café. When this finally became reality 3 years ago, he decided to design the place as an extension of his own home. At his own place, you'll find the same green color and white tiles on the walls, the dark titel on the floor, the same style of rough bricks...

When you enter this place, it's as if you're stepping into the little version of Pouria's home, his so called Lilla P.


Most of the time you will find Pouria working behind the desk. Have a chat with him and don't forget to ask him for tips in the neighborhood. You'll discover that his good taste goes much further than just his own place. We went to Lilla P to have lunch and I had the super colorful, but above all very tasty and healthy, chicken and goat cheese salad. Around noon the place was pleasantly packed with many people and the vibe was homey and casual. It's the ultimate place to escape the day-to-day buzz and relax for a 'lilla' while.


No, definitely not!


There's breakfast too and you can stop by for a nice fika (coffee and something sweet) all day. Half of the sweets are home made and the other half is from a bakery just around the corner. The coffee is from Johan & Nyström, a place in Södermalm where they take coffee very seriously when it comes to taste and experience. So don't hesitate to order your cappuccino or latte at Lilla P.


Not long ago, Pouria received a liquor permit, which he celebrated with the image of a glass of wine tattooed on his arm. Now people can also have their Friday afternoon drinks at Lilla P, preferably in the sun, and enjoy Pouria's little world a little longer than before.

Have a chat with Pouria, drink your coffee in the sun, sit back and relax at Lilla P.

Lilla P
Karlavägen 61,
114 49 Stockholm
+46 86637710


Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 17:00
Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00

(Lilla P is opened until Pouria heads home, mostly between 17.00 and 18.00 o'clock)

I hope you liked this hotspot! Will you say 'Hi' to Pouria when you visit?

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Kisses, Mieke

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