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Meatballs for the people

11-03-2016, by Mieke

When you think of Swedish meatballs, you think of the manufactured ones from IKEA, right? Well, then it's time to pay a visit to Meatballs for the people and discover this traditional Swedish dish at its best.

You can find this hotspot in hip and happening Södermalm. Take a stroll trough the neighborhood, pass by the gorgeous Katarina Kyrka, the pastel colored houses and finish your Swedish tour with a lunch or dinner at Meatballs for the people.


We were at Meatballs for the people some weeks ago on a Saturday when it was freezing cold outside. We arrived around 12.30h. for lunch and it was quite calm, but after a while it became clear that the Swedes won't be stopped by the cold when it comes to their meatballs. Slowly but surely the place changed into a crowded and buzzing place, packed with both locals and tourists.

The restaurant has a high ceiling and is pretty big, but the combination of dark wood, warm colors and industrial touches, makes this place modern yet very cozy. The abundance of candles throughout the restaurant worked delightful and comforting with the wintery cold outside.


It's the undeniably true motto of Meatballs for the people. All the meatballs at this place are ecologically friendly and the meat comes from farmers throughout Sweden. When you purchase the take-away meatballs, you can fill in the code on the packaging and trace back the meat to its original location. At this restaurant they want to pass on their love for food, home-made cooking and Swedish tradition, with animal well-fare in mind.

The second part of their motto seems to be made for me. No explanation needed ;-)


The lunch menu showed several options, of which we didn't choose the slightly more healthy Ceasar salad, nope! My husband went for a precourse: the tomato soup with ox balls. Of course I had to taste a few sips and bites. The soup had a nice structure and was unmistakably home made. I could have sworn there was a tiny grandma working her ass off in the kitchen, but when I checked, I saw the chef was a tall Swedish guy: really impressive! The balls in the soup showed why this restaurant is called Meatballs for the people; every human being should have the chance to taste these sweethearts. 

A little note in between: I'm not a big big meat lover, so when I'm telling you these balls are great, believe me.. They are!

For the main course we decided to go for the traditional Swedish meatballs, with red wine sauce, mashed potatoes, cucumbers and lingon berries. And the verdict? So far the best ones in town. The balls were savory, but not too salty and they were structred and not too soft. Combined with the creamy mashed potatoes and the sweet-and-sour mix of lingon berries and cucumbers, this dish is very well-balanced, taste-wise. For losing weight this is not necessarily the right address, but for enjoying Sweden on point, it definitely is!

Do you want to experience the famous Swedish balls? Then do yourself a favor and check out this hotspot!


Nytorgsgatan 30
116 40 Stockholm
+46 8466 60 99

Opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday: 11.00 - 22.00
Friday - Saturday: 11.00 - 24.00

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Kisses, Mieke

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