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How I Found my new curl whisperer

03-11-2015, by Mieke

Correct me if I'm wrong, but especially for curly haired girls, a hair dresser can make or break your day (or year for that matter). When curls are being cut like straight hair, you can easily end up like an exploded poodle (hey there 80's!). 

In Holland I found my curly hair specialist Pascalle when I entered a small and hip salon one day, pointed at her own hair-do and told her I wanted the same. I took a calculated risk there: although her hair was about 15 cm shorter, it was curly... so I figured she'd understand... And she did! Living in Stockholm now meant saying goodbye to Pascalle and start for the search.

Here are some things to consider when finding a new hair dresser..

Don't be afraid..

.. to call or visit a salon and ask them some questions. Only when it feels right.. 

Do they have a specialist?

I paid a visit to several salons and asked if there was anybody present whose specialty is cutting curls (Instead of curls, fill in whatever is important for you or your hair type). When the answer to this was: 'We are all good with curls', I'm sorry, but that's the wrong answer. It's not a higher science, but not everybody can cut curls. Period. This brings me back to: only when it feels right :)

Hip or traditional?

In my search I included an extremely trendy salon as well; where you can walk out with a blue haired mohawk kind of trendy. I figured a hair dresser like this is on top of its game when it comes to trends and you must be able to leave with a very up-to-date, not-so-crazy hair cut as well. The reason for not choosing this one was the wrong answer to 'is there a curls specialist', but apart from that the reasoning behind this still seems logical to me :) 

Dry inspection

A good hair dresser really takes a close look at your hair, when it's still dry and not combed yet. He or she gives an opinion and comes up with a plan for your hair which suits your needs, your personality and your hair. In other words: the perfect hairdresser listens to your needs. This will give you the feeling you're looking for and make you leave the salon feeling happy and confident. You will know when it's right. I know I'm not talking about finding a husband or a job, but like I said before: hair can make or break :)

A good hair cut is priceless right?

Not entirely: once you're in the chair, the hair dresser can come up with many steps leading to the result, all adding some Ca-Ching in the wallet of the salon. When you're aware of the price tag beforehand, it will not surprise you in the end and it will enable you to decide if that fabulous hair cut is worth more than those shoes you saw the other day...

My Swedish curl whisperer

I ended up at the hair dresser closest to my home, just across the street. I asked whether there was someone specialized in curls and there definitely was...

We discussed hair cuts, colors, trends and Jennie appeared to be an absolute perfectionist! She had some methods I had never experienced before. She started straightening my hair, before she would cut the hair without wetting it. The straighetening would make sure the base of the hair-do would end up completely even and cutting the hair dry instead of wett, would give her more control while cutting. After a few hours of straightening, cutting, highlights (ashy blonde), drying and a little cut again (I told you she was a perfectionist), she finished with a curly ironer to smoothen the look...

And that's how you walk out feeling like a Swedish glamour girl. This feels right :)

What do you girls think? Is your hair dresser as important for you as it is for me? And do you have some extra tips to share for finding the right one?

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