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Fabulous affordable sports clothing

30-10-2015, by Mieke

I have found my first downside to living in Sweden. Always on the quest for fabulous, trendy and affordable sports clothing, I found the brand Fabletics. However, living in Sweden means they are not shipping to my place. That’s a bummer! I'm still very enthusiastic about the clothing and the brand though, so off course I will share the joy with you!

The Brand Ideal
“Fit, function and style, designed for every woman and every body type.” 

Fabletics wants all women to have access to affordable, functional, comfortable and hip sports clothing, no matter the sports preferences or body type. The fashionable part has been covered, as Kate Hudson is the co-founder of the brand and known for her great style, on and off the runway. The outfits on the website all have something unique and original, yet are very suited for day to day wearing. The affordable part comes when you become a VIP member, which means you get to shop a total outfit every month for EUR 49,95. Shopping separate clothing parts is also possible, but then you don’t get to profit from the discount that comes with shopping whole outfits.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to try out the functional and comfortable part of the Fabletics promise, as I live in Sweden and they are not shipping there (yet?). At the moment Fabletics ships to the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, The Netherlands.

But for those who do have access to this new way of buying sports clothes, why not give it a try? Check the shop for my 3 favorites. Have a great weekend girls!


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