OR Espresso Bar

28-03-2019, by Mieke

When you’re visiting the capital of Europe, chances are you’ll also visit the international area where all the European institutions are based. At a certain point during your visit, for me this always comes rather soon 😜, you’ll need a little break from all the seriousness 😏

Since coffee breaks are the most important breaks of them all 😉☕️ look no further and head to OR Espresso Bar to get your scrumptious caffeine fix.

At OR Espresso Bar there’s one thing that’s been taken very seriously: making the perfect coffee. The Belgian couple that started OR Espresso Bar left their jobs in IT to pursue their dream of becoming coffee roasters. The cool thing is, they don’t just share their passion for coffee with their coffee-loving customers, but they also teach aspiring baristas and enthousiasts the secret of a good cup a coffee at OR school. How cool! The Bar has already spread its love in Ghent and Brussels, where you can find several of their coffee places.

The OR Espresso Bar I visited is based in the European area, which makes it especially buzzing during weekdays. If you’re Dutch or Flemish, don’t bother ordering in French, because the crew will definitely understand your mother tongue.

Looking for a gooooooood cup of coffee at a place where people are passionate to serve exactly that? Then go to OR Espresso Bar.

See you in my next blog post.

Bisous, Mieke


Place Jourdan 13A, Brussels

Opening hours:
Monday - friday 08:00–17:00
Saturday - Sunday 09:00–17:00

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