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16-12-2017, by Mieke

Good morning everybody and good morning Saturday!

As you know, I love to eat, there’s no news to that 😜 I enjoy finding new food hotspots, particularly places to have a coffee, breakfast, brunch or lunch. In my view, going out for breakfast during the weekends is one of the best things in the world. I think I even prefer it over going for dinner, because it feels more special, pampering and relaxing to me. Entering a cosy and pretty environment, starting with a good drip coffee, treating myself to a granola & yoghurt or an avocado toast, catching up over another coffee or cappuccino… For me, this is the definition of ‘starting your weekend right’.

Enough now about me, I guess you’re wondering where this vision comes to life in Brussels, right?

Having a weekend brunch in Brussels is, as they say, ‘totally a thing!’. That being said, in some places in Brussels, it’s ONLY possible to have brunch during the weekends and not to just order from the menu. If you want to have a nice, but not too extensive breakfast, a brunch like this can sometimes be too much.

So..... Where to go then?

Please, search no more and head over to Belga & Co.

So far, this cosy cafe has been one of my favorites in Brussels. Belga & Co oozes cosiness and warmth, with green table tops and some African touches on the walls. They have amazing coffee and even better baristas to create ‘les excellents cappuccinos’. The sweet treats on the counter are freshly baked and it’s always so hard for me not to order an extra ‘vegan cookie’ (Oh My! Sooooo Good!). For lunch, Belga & Co serves you with three options - meat, cheese or veggie - and within these themes they create original platters, so you can make your own perfect lunch sandwich. Since Dutchies like their sandwiches for lunch, this couldn’t be better for me 😉

Over to that Weekend breakfast galore ☕️🥚🥖🥐🧀🍯🍊☕️

To me, the magic of the Belga & Co breakfast, is in the quality of the products and the traditional execution. A nice coffee, a freshly pressed ‘jus d’orange’, a small basket of bread, a boiled egg, some cheese - meat - and sweet toppings and there it is: breakfast perfection! 

I hope you didn’t have your brekkie yet, because you will definitely want to go to Belga & Co after reading this. Wishing you a lovely weekend and see you in my next blog post.

Bisous, Mieke

Belga & Co
Rue du Bailli 7A - 1000 Brussels
Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 6:30PM
Saturday - Sunday: 8:30AM - 6:30PM

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