Domburg, NL

Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon

15-05-2018, by Mieke

Right beside the entrance of ‘De Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon’ you’ll find a sign that says “Life is too short for bad coffee”, a statement that I fully support, especially when I’m celebrating my vacation. 

Many people from allover Europe come to Domburg to spend their free time by the beach, enjoying the sun, some shopping and great sea food. Of course you can order a cappuccino or a latte anywhere in Domburg, but if you’re a coffee critic, you might get disappointed.

Some weeks ago I was in Domburg and the rainy weather made us decide to go shopping instead of going to the beach (shopping is always the best solution to any problem😜). We ended up at De Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon... 

De Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon is a coffee and lunch bar with a creative and personal vibe that makes you feel at home instantly. The brick walls are originally decorated with photo art and flowers, behind the counter are some scrumptious looking, homemade cakes and pies and the barista behind the counter is waiting to show his magic. In the front of the cafe, you’ll find a little store with many local products from the Zeeland region and beautiful porcelain tableware.

We ordered a ginger tea and a cappuccino and let me assure you: there’s no need to drink bad coffee in Domburg, simply go to De Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon. We didn’t have anything to eat, but this promising coffee moment will definitely make me come back for more!

Have you ever been to Zeeland and do you know Domburg? If you decide to spend some time in this nice vacation town, make sure to visit De Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon.

“Life is too short for bad coffee.”

💋 Mieke

De Domburgsche Bier en Melksalon
Weststraat 11, Domburg
The Netherlands 

Opening hours:
09:00 - 17:00

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