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17-10-2017, by Mieke

🌴 Coco Cappuccino 🌴 

It may not look super artsy, but taste-wise it's a pleasant surprise 😋 If you're into both coffee and coconut flavor, like me, then have a go with this coffee variant. Add some whipped coconut milk to your espresso and surprise yourself! The distinct coconut flavor mixes great with the strong taste of your coffee and it will turn your everyday cappuccino into a treat!

I had my first (of many, as you can tell  🙌🏻) at CoffeeConcepts in Amsterdam. 

Located in Amsterdam Zuid, the fancy area of the city, this PR agency AND coffee baris a trendy yet no-nonsense place to have a sandwich and great coffee, shop for pretty home accessories, catch up and get some work done on your laptop. This is exactly what I aimed to do with my brother's girlfriend last Sunday, but the weather made us cheat on this plan 😬 and we simply enjoyed our coffee in the sun.

When you're around, definitely have a coffee at CoffeeConcepts, because they know what they're doing ☕️ Maybe you can even order your first coco cappuccino 🌴😉

See you in my next blog post!

X Mieke

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