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Oversized red knitted jumper

08-12-2017, by Mieke

Sinterklaas has left the country and now Christmas is around the corner. I’m buying my christmas tree today, I’m decorating our home and I say it’s time for chunky, oversized and cozy knits. Yay!

I’ve been looking for the perfect red jumper for a few months now and during my search the discussion arose to whether I was searching for a red or an orange one. Somehow, I kept describing the color as ‘bright red’ to my friends, but every time I tried one on, they pointed out to me that it was definitely orange and NOT RED.. Oops! Does this mean I’ve been color blind my entire life, without even knowing it? 😱

My friends came to the conclusion it’s just a matter of interpretation (of color), so let’s just keep it at that 😉

Anyways… Whether you’re calling it red or orange, I’m super happy this color is totally on-trend right know. It brightens up the winter wardrobe and literally gives that happy pop of color to your outfit. I like to combine this red color with a pattern, to create an original look and you’d be amazed at how good this color looks with many garments in your closet; a plain leather skirt, panter-print trousers, anything goes! (or is that just because I’m color blind 😜).

For this look, I decided  to wear this dark blue pants with flowers on it. The ‘red’ of the sweater is also subtilely present in the floral pattern, which makes these two pieces perfect for each other. The pants are from Gestuz, a feminine and trendy brand from Denmark. The model of these pants is quite special; very straight and slightly longer than an ankle pants. It’s a very feminine fit, both with these platform sneakers, but even more so with some high heels.

Now that I have shorter hair, I’m really into wearing bigger earrings. A good and super fashionable friend of mine suggested to have a look at Mango for accessories and it’s true: you won’t be disappointed. The two necklaces go quite nice with the jumper and also serve a practical purpose. The jumper has a high neckline, which can make you look heavy one top, if you’re a busty girl. I was always told to stay far away from high necklines and turtle necks. However, by wearing a necklace or, in this case, who of different lengths, you’re breaking up the space and you’re creating the illusion of a V, which will make a high neckline flattering on busty ladies too. Have a try and let me know if it worked for you!

Allright, I’m off to get our Christmas tree 🎄 

Happy Friday everybody and enjoy your weekend!

X Mieke

PS: You can find this jumper and these earrings in the shop, together with other amazing red (or orange) finds and some lovely Gestuz pants.

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