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(Faux) Fur

21-11-2016, by Mieke

The colder season has really arrived in Stockholm. Last week we had a snow storm in the city and it’s impossible to leave the house without some proper gloves. BRRR..

The good side of this colder weather is winter fashion. I love the warm colors and rich fabrics that winter has to offer. Now that I live in Stockholm, I can buy thick knits and also wear them without breaking a sweat. I. Love. It!

The oversized biker jacket I’m wearing, is a style from ACNE studios I’ve been drooling over for over a year: high quality, great style, cuddly from the inside and cool from the outside. The price was always holding me back, so unfortunately the love remained unanswered. 

However, when I saw this replica coat at Zara, it took me about 5 minutes to hand it over to the cashier. Whoop Whoop! Faux leather on the outside and cozy faux fur on the inside: I’m so glad I found you!


The (fake) fur jacket from the brand Goldie London was bought in one of my favorite boutiques in Den Bosch in The Netherlands: Liefste Fashion. They have a great collection of hip and original brands and the girls working there are always friendly and have a perfect eye for fashion. It’s safe to say Lief Fashion is a Fashion Hotspot in the South of The Netherlands ;-)

This trend of cuddly jackets is right up my alley. Wear it as a statement piece, keep the rest of the look modest and still stand out!


I adore the fur look, but wearing real fur doesn’t make me feel good. However, that’s absolutely no problem, since fake fur often comes in the best quality and looks super… REAL. I was told recently, that wearing fake fur is not only more sustainable for your conscience, but also for your look. Fake fur is not a natural product, so the production process is more controlled and the quality remains the same for every production batch. On top of this, fake fur is created to look real and stay pretty for a very long time.



Nowadays I almost live in my sneakers, wearing them during weekends, on work days, pairing them with jeans, pantalons and skirts. However, this time I decided to wear my leather-look skirt, change the all-day sneakers for my suede boots and go for the all-girly-look. Inside the boots there’s a platform, which elongates the legs, while it seems as if your not wearing any heels at all. A great trick, right?

So, some grey stockings (a great alternative for black ones, to break the look), a high buttoned white blouse, my favorite Minitials necklace, a small black leather bag and.. Of I went!

What do you think of this look? Are you into the cuddly (fake) fur trend? If so, then head over to the shop to find these, and comparable items.

Enjoy your week!

Love, Mieke

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